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If you’re in the market for a new kitchen, a Curtis Lumber kitchen showroom near me is a great place to start. The kitchen showroom has everything you need including a cabinet showroom, appliance showroom and countertop showroom. In addition to featuring cabinets, faucets and countertops you will also find, sinks, flooring, hardware, and more. While at one of our showrooms, the Curtis Lumber Co design team can help you get started on your kitchen remodel, or your construction of a completely new kitchen design.

Visit Our Kitchen Design Showrooms

Our kitchen design showrooms are some of the best in the area and offer a range of features to help you build your dream kitchen.

Our showrooms have full kitchen displays
Browse all the fixtures and accessories for your kitchen in our showroom
Our showrooms have a wide selection of cabinets and countertops for you to explore

Full Kitchen Displays

Come and see full kitchen displays in our showrooms, complete with appliances, fixtures, lighting, and more. This will give you a better idea of how your finished kitchen will look and help you make design decisions with confidence.

Explore the Latest Styles in Kitchen Design

Our showrooms feature a variety of kitchen design styles, including traditional, contemporary, and modern. Whether you’re looking for a classic look or something more trendy, we have the expertise and the options to help you achieve the perfect design for your home.

Computer Design Tools

Our showrooms are equipped with computer design tools that allow you to see your kitchen design in 3D. This will help you visualize your space and make changes to your design with ease.

Professional Designers on Staff

When you visit one of our showrooms, you’ll have the opportunity to work with our design professionals. They will help you navigate the many options available and provide expert advice on everything from layout and functionality to color and finishes. Plus, our team will work with you to create a personalized design plan that fits your budget and timeline.

There are several benefits to meeting with a professional kitchen designer, including:


A professional designer has the training and experience to help homeowners create a functional, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing kitchen space. They can also bring a fresh perspective and new ideas.

Access to resources: A professional designer has access to a wide range of resources, including materials, suppliers, and contractors, that homeowners may not be aware of.

Professional drawings and plans

A professional designer can provide detailed drawings and plans for the remodel, which can be used for construction and permitting.

Professional project management

A professional designer can help manage the project from start to finish, which can help to ensure that the remodel stays on schedule and on budget.

Help with budgeting and cost estimates

A professional designer can provide cost estimates and help homeowners stay within their budget.

Connections with trades and contractors: A professional designer have the connection with many trades and contractor, who can help homeowners save money and get better workmanship.

Displays of Appliances, Fixtures, and Lighting

In our showrooms, you will find displays of a wide range of appliances, fixtures, and lighting options. This will give you the opportunity to see and compare different products and choose the ones that best suit your needs and style.

Huge Cabinet Styles Options

Our showrooms offer a wide range of cabinet styles to choose from. Whether you’re looking for traditional, modern, or something in between, we have options to suit every taste and budget.

Benefits of visiting a kitchen showroom


Kitchen showrooms display a variety of kitchen designs, layouts and styles that can help homeowners gain inspiration for their own kitchen remodel.

Product visualization

Showrooms allow homeowners to see, touch and experience the products, such as cabinetry, countertops, appliances, fixtures and finishes. This can help homeowners get a better sense of how different materials and colors will look in their own kitchen.

Professional advice

Showrooms often have design experts on hand who can provide professional advice and answer any questions homeowners may have about their kitchen remodel.

Access to latest Trends

Showrooms keep updated with the latest designs and trends and can provide homeowners with a sense of what’s new and popular in the market.


Showrooms allows homeowners to compare different products and brands, which can help them make informed decisions about what materials and products to use in their own kitchen remodel.

Connections to contractors

Some showrooms have partnerships with local contractors and remodelers, which can be helpful for homeowners who are looking to hire professionals to complete their kitchen remodel.

Local Kitchen Design Companies

Local kitchen design companies are businesses that specialize in kitchen remodels and are often owned and operated by people who live in the same community as their customers. These companies often offer a more personal and customized experience than larger retailers.

Benefits of working with a local kitchen design company over big box retailers such as IKEA, Home Depot, and Lowe’s

Find Your Perfect Kitchen Showroom Near Me

We have locations across New York and Vermont, making it easy to find a kitchen showroom near you. We’re always happy to provide design consultation. Come visit us and see the options available in our kitchen showrooms.

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