Any storage cabinet under a sink can be considered a vanity. The main distinguishing characteristic of a vanity is that it contains a sink and several storage compartments. It usually hides the plumbing and offers countertop area for toiletries or cosmetics. Most bathrooms today have an assortment of cabinets. This allows you to get the exact look, convenience and storage configuration that fits your lifestyle.

Furniture-Style Bathroom Cabinetry

Today’s bathrooms are trending towards cabinetry that looks like pieces of fine furniture. Unique hardware, furniture-style legs and carved designs finished with deep and rich stains and glazes all add to the effect. The space inside is customized for bathroom storage and useful. If you are looking for an elegant and decorative bathroom, furniture-style cabinetry is a must see.

Bath Storage

If you’re tired of always forgetting the towel when you get out of the shower, a separate linen cabinet is a great addition to your new bathroom. Linen cabinets are usually placed in an unused portion of the room and are perfect for storing towels and washcloths. The additional space frees up your vanity for other toiletries.

Another space-saving design is to place a cabinet above the toilet. Depending on the design, you may even have shelves for display or more storage. Our designers can put together the best combination of cabinets to meet your space needs.


Most veneer and solid wood cabinets have been stained or dyed to get the perfect look and tone. But a stain isn’t a finish, so a sealer or varnish is applied to lock in the colors and seal the grain.
To achieve a softer look, a glaze may be applied over the sealer. Glazed finishes have variations in tone that make each cabinet unique and elegant.

Laminate cabinets have a polymer finish that is stylish, durable and easy to care for. The easy maintenance and affordability of laminate cabinetry make this a perfect cabinet for children’s bathrooms and second homes.


Bath cabinets and vanities made of wood may be solid, veneered or laminated. Species selections vary among a variety of woods, with the most popular being oak, maple, and cherry. No matter what cabinet you select, it will be prefinished.

Vanities are usually either a plywood or particleboard carcass with solid wood fronts, with better grade cabinets being manufactured of plywood. Since bathrooms tend to be moist, it is important to get the best grade cabinet your budget can afford. Lesser grade cabinets can deteriorate faster and lose their structural stability.

Configuration Options

The possible arrangements of bathroom cabinets are only limited by two factors: the size of your bathroom and your imagination. Modular cabinets are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes making wrap-around, floor to ceiling, and single cabinet configurations possible. It is important to remember the task that the cabinet is intended for to get the right design. If you combine convenience, function and style, you’ll create the perfect bathroom for years to come.