Determine the look you want to achieve

Whether it is Traditional, Contemporary or something in between, Kitchen, Bath & Lifestyle Inspirations at Curtis Lumber has more than enough style and color choices to please even the most discerning tastes. With almost limitless options for your bathroom project, it is important to narrow in on the looks, functions, and layouts that appeal to you. A great way to do this is to cut out bathroom pictures from magazines and brochures and visit bathroom websites to view their photo galleries. Even if a picture isn’t your ideal design, but contains a look or design feature that you like—you should save it to share with your designer.

Determine your budget

The designers at Curtis Lumber can help you with this process. Be honest with them about your budget expectations. Vanities, whirlpools and floor coverings come in a variety of price ranges. Any bath design can be quoted at various price ranges. Some changes may be required, but the basic design can usually be achieved.

Do some research on your own to help complete the total budget picture. Price showers and tubs, lighting and flooring, ask friends who have remodeled about the costs and read magazines to help you mentally prepare a budget that is realistic.

Determine fixtures and add-ons

Bathroom fixture selection plays a key role in the overall design and look of your new room. Determine what type of fixtures you want in your bathroom. Whirlpools, showers with seats, and laundry cabinets all will impact your design. The styles and varieties of fixtures have grown tremendously in recent years and have become showpieces in bathroom design. Shop your local Curtis Lumber to narrow down your selection.

Make a list of the things you like and dislike about your current bathroom

Our designers will want to know what you are trying to accomplish with your project. You should take into consideration your current lifestyle, for example-is your bathroom clean and neat and only used for guests, or does the entire family use it at the same time? These pieces of information help the designer create a bathroom that you will fall in love with and is customized to your family’s lifestyle. Be sure to complete the Kitchen, Bath & Lifestyle Inspirations at Curtis Lumber Bathroom Planning Checklist prior to visiting our store.

Take some preliminary measurements

Your designer will need to know the amount of space they have to work with, so simple measurements are a key component to the process and be sure to bring it with you to your first meeting. Use Kitchen, Bath & Lifestyle Inspirations at Curtis Lumber’s simple measuring guide to help you through this process. Accuracy is important, so please double check your work. The Bath Planner is another tool you can use to guide you through the preliminary process.

Consider Your Timeline

The process of creating a new bathroom is a major endeavor. Your designer needs to know up front when you plan to complete your project. Some timelines to take into consideration: Your designer may need 1-2 weeks to create your preliminary design, vanities can take from 2-8 weeks from order to arrival, and installation can take an additional 2-6 weeks from the time everything arrives at your jobsite.

Visit Our Store

Once you’ve done some of your background research, stop into one of our stores and take a look at the different styles of vanities and fixtures on display. Call a few days ahead to set up an appointment with a designer to take a guided tour and discuss your project to start you on the way to your new bathroom.