How To Measure For Your New Bathroom

Measuring your bathroom is easy. By following these simple instructions and using the graph paper provided in the bath planner, you can help speed along the design process for your new bathroom. Simply follow these instructions:

1. Start in one corner (A) and measure to the edge of the first door or window and mark down this measurement.
2. Measure the door or window (B) from one outside edge of the trim to the other outside edge.
3. Now, measure from the outside of the trim to the corner (C) or next door or window.
4. Repeat Step 1 through Step 3 until you have measured the entire room.

Please Note: Double check your measurements by measuring the entire wall length from wall to wall and comparing it to your individual measurements taken in Steps 1 – 3.

For example, (A) to (C): Entire wall measures 144″
From (A) to (B) = 49 1/2″. (B) = 45″. (B) to (C) = 49 1/2″.
Totals: 49 1/2 + 45 + 49 1/2 = 144

Note ceiling heights
Note locations of plumbing