Window Options

When choosing your new windows there are a variety of options available. These options will allow you to customize the windows to your style and optimize the energy efficiency for your area. Because today’s windows last for years, be sure to consider all the options before making your purchase.

Window Glass Types & Options

Traditional windows only had one type of glass available, single pane glass. It was not energy efficient and was only a thin barrier between your home’s inside and the great outdoors. Because of its poor insulating value, many manufacturers have developed new glass technology to make your windows as efficient as they can be.

Single Pane Glass:  The least efficient glass option available. Accounts for considerable heat loss and gain. Approximate R-value of 1*.

Double Pane Glass:  Two single panes of glass with an airspace between them. Double pane glass slows heat loss and gain and its performance is improved greatly over single pane.

Triple Pane Glass: Developed with the notion that more layers is better, triple-pane glass is composed of three panes of glass with two air spaces.  It has the highest energy performance of the three types of glass mentioned here.

Beyond the number of panes of glass in a window are special treatments and coatings that are applied to window glass.  These options combined with multiple layer glasses, make for an extremely energy efficient window.

Standard Glass: Uncoated glass that only uses the airspace between the panes to reduce heat transference to the outside.  Special gases like argon, carbon dioxide, or the like may be pumped between the panes to further slow heat transmission.

Low E Coating: Low emissivity coating is a microscopically thin layer of metal or metal oxide deposited on window glass.  The coating reflects warmth back in the home in the winter and prevents unwanted heat from entering the home in summer.

Stay Clean Coating: A coating on the window that allows for easier cleaning and water spot reduction.

Glass options can be difficult and confusing.  Be sure to call or stop in for the right advice on the best options for your project.

*See Upgrading Your Home’s Energy Efficiency for more information about U and R-values.

Window Hardware Options

There are a variety of window hardware options available to help compliment your home’s interior. Be sure to choose something that fits your decor, if you feel the standard options will not suffice. Different manufacturers have widely varying options but each has something that will meet your expectations. Your friendly Curtis Lumber salesperson can also help you get the hardware to complete your job right.

Window Trim Options

Windows need trim on both the inside and outside to make them blend with the look of your home.

Interior trim is a valuable accent to any room. Adding or replacing interior trim is a great way to draw attention to your home, accent the colors in the room, and give your home a look that is unique to you and your personality. Interior trim comes in a variety of materials, from clear or primed wood to MDF.

Exterior trim can add that perfect finishing touch to your new door and increase your home’s value. As materials have evolved, there are now hundreds of options to trim out your new windows. PVC mouldings & trim boards make low-maintenance, beautiful accents to any home’s exterior.