Workforce Development

Considering a Career in Construction?

There are many different opportunities to explore when considering a career in construction; we hope this information will help you get started. Please keep in mind that:

  1. There is a national shortage of skilled construction trades workers.
  2. There are many careers in construction that cannot be outsourced.
  3. There are multiple skill levels.
  4. The starting pay scale is generally higher than other jobs.
  5. You can become a high-demand, skilled trades worker without spending thousands on college and we would like to help!

Whether you are starting your career, changing careers, or have experience, we welcome you to contact us to discuss your options.


The Trades Are Not Just A Job—They Are A Career

Recognizing the labor shortage to fill construction jobs and that young people were not going into the trades, Curtis Lumber formed a Workforce Development Coalition. Their mission is to encourage young people and adults to consider a career in the construction industry by bringing an awareness to the benefits associated with it. The Coalition started out with a focus on Saratoga County. It’s now grown into a multi-county effort comprised of 40 professionals from a wide range of businesses and organizations with a passion for raising awareness about the trades. Activities include in-school presentations by trade proffesionals, job shadowing opportunities, internship placements, construction site tours, and career fairs. Additionally, Coalition members meet with NY State Legislators to keep the need for labor in the trades alive in the political arena.

The trades are not just a job—they are a career. The task force’s initial efforts focused on bring awareness to middle and high school students about career opportunities in the trades and the skills involved. Conversations focus on the realities of how work in the trades has advanced to keep up with the requirements of today’s modern world. Discussions include how the demand for work is huge, opening the doors for unprecedented opportunities and inclusion of women, job security and stability, competitive benefit packages and great starting salaries. More recently, the Coalition expanded it’s efforts to start the conversation with much younger students. To engage them, Curtis Lumber employees go into the schools and lead classes with young students (2nd graders +) on assembling wooden toolboxes.

In-school presentations by trade professionals

Check out the Capital Region Workforce Development Coalition’s flyer to explore educational programs providing students with a glimpse into the construction trades.

Take a look through some recent activities and events to learn more about the ways Curtis Lumber engages the youth in our communities to bring awareness about exciting and rewarding careers in the construction industry.


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