Getting Started On Your Garage Door

You’ve installed new siding, replaced the roof, and even added new exterior doors to your home, but it still does not look complete. It could be that you haven’t replaced your garage door. Garage doors can account for up to 30 percent of the exterior portion of a home that is visible from the street. With so much of your home’s curb appeal at stake, it may be time to consider a replacement.

Garage doors are a significant investment in the comfort and style of your home. New doors can provide insulation for wintertime projects and reduce the overall maintenance that needs to be performed on your home’s exterior.

Garage Door Designs

Before choosing your garage door, you should decide on a style that will compliment your home. The main makeup of a garage door is its panel construction. The three most common door panel styles are flush, ranch-raised panel, and classic raised panel.

Flush panels – Flat, slightly textured panels that subtly blend in with your home’s exterior, drawing more attention to the surrounding exterior trim and siding detail and not the door itself.

Ranch panels – Long slim panels give depth to the door while adding beauty to your home’s exterior.

Classic panels – Short panels also add depth to the door while adding beauty to your home’s exterior. The classic style is the most common design and compliments the largest variety of home styles.

Window Panels

Adding windows to a garage door is an option and a great economical way to add light to the garage’s interior. There are a variety of options and styles to choose from. Art glass or leaded stained glass panels can also be used to create a dramatic effect on your home’s exterior. Most window designs are created by adding an insert over a standard window panel. This can be done at the time of initial installation or later on.

Some samples of glass types available are:

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