Choosing Your Perfect Garage Door

Your home is unique. Choose a garage door that will compliment your home’s architectural style and personal taste. At Curtis Lumber, we have a wide variety of garage doors ranging from carriage style to durable steel.

Garage Door Construction

Steel Doors – The most common, durable, and economical garage door construction, steel doors are frequently the right choice for most garages. Steel doors are available in a variety of colors and styles and can be painted to match any exterior. There are three varieties of steel doors available.

Single Layer Construction:
A single sheet of stamped galvanized steel. An economical choice, but offers limited insulating value. These doors can be noisier and have shorter warranties than other options.

Double Layer Construction:
These doors have a layer of stamped galvanized steel on the outside with a foam insulation backer. The backer cuts down on noise and offers greater insulating value.

Triple Layer Construction:
A sandwich of foam insulation is created between the outside steel sheet and an interior layer to create the sturdiest, quietest, most secure steel door. The interior steel skin protects the foam from damage. These doors are commonly referred to as “solid” and will last for years to come.

Solid Wood – Elegant homes deserve elegant doors. Wood garage doors add the perfect touch and resemble the carriage house doors of years gone by. Made from stain or paint grade woods, including hemlock, cedar, and redwood, wooden garage doors can be finished in a variety of ways to create your perfect look. Like most other wood products, it needs regular maintenance and must be sealed at installation and on an ongoing basis; however the curb appeal of a real wood door cannot be matched by any other material.

Let Us Help You!

Stop into your local Curtis Lumber for help on selecting your new door design. With a variety of colors, materials, and design options, there’s no better place to start your project off right. Our stores feature displays and selection centers to determine which garage door is best for your project.

Please note that garage doors and garage door installation may not available at every Curtis Lumber location.