Finish Your Entry Door

Put the Finishing Touches On Your Exterior Doors

A door is just a door until you add the special finishing touches to make it your own. Once the unit is installed in the wall, the finishing options become endless. What kind of trim will you use? What style doorknob will look best? What finish should the lockset and hinges be? Let us help you with some of those choices and you will be happy for years to come.

Handles & Locksets

You’ve taken the time to install a new entranceway, why not finish it off with a new handle or lockset? Exterior door hardware can help add beauty, curb appeal and most importantly, resale value to your home.

Door hardware is available in a variety of shapes, styles, and finishes. The finish options range from standard brass to oil-rubbed bronze, and many in between. Shapes include tulip, round, bell, levers, handles with latches and many more. Contemporary or classic, there is a knob style that fits your project. For security options they range from a standard entry knob, to an entry knob with deadbolt, and even knobs that open with keyless entry.

When purchasing door hardware coordinate with the other finishes on your home’s exterior and consider durability and use. With thousands of hardware options available, Curtis Lumber can provide you with the unique finishing touch to your home.

Interior Trim

Your new entranceway will need interior trim (moulding) on the inside. Interior trim is a valuable accent to any room. Adding or replacing interior trim is a great way to draw attention to your home, accent the colors in the room, and give your home a look that is unique to you and your personality. Interior trim comes in a variety of materials, from clear or primed wood to MDF and can be either smooth or textured. Depending on the style of your home and how the trim will be used, there is a trim that is best suited for your application.

When finishing off your new entranceway, casing makes a easy and aesthetically pleasing detail. Casing is available in a variety of profiles and materials including hardwoods, pine, primed pine, MDF, and others. In general, your casing should match the style of your baseboards and crown (ceiling) trim. For example, Colonial baseboard would be complemented by Colonial Casing.

Exterior Trim

Your new entranceway may come with trim applied on the outside or you may need to provide your own. Exterior trim can add that perfect finishing touch to your new door and increase your home’s value. The traditional profile to use around an exterior door is brickmould. Brickmould creates a picture frame look with relative ease and at a low cost. As materials have evolved, there are now hundreds of options to trim out your new door. PVC mouldings & trim boards make low-maintenance, beautiful accents to any door’s exterior.

Other Features

Other architectural features may be added to your entranceway to give a special touch. Sidelights and Transoms are glass panels that are mounted next to or above the main operating door to allow more light to enter your home. When used with a beautiful entrance door, they create entryways that are breathtaking.

No matter the options you choose, your local Curtis Lumber has hundreds of products available to finish your new interior doors off right! Our friendly salespeople will help walk you through the selection process.