Choosing An Entry Door

Your home is unique. Choose an exterior door or entranceway that will compliment your home’s architectural style and personal taste. At Curtis Lumber, we have a wide variety of exterior doors ranging from steel to solid hardwood.

Entry Doors

Steel Doors – Typically made from a wooden frame with molded steel panels mounted on each side and a polyurethane injected foam core. Most steel doors come with a factory primed finish and are ready for painting. Steel is very resistant to shrinking, swelling, and warping and their steel construction will withstand years of use and the elements. Common configurations include 9-lite, fan-lite, and 6-panel. Overall, steel entry doors are economical, durable, and the most common type of exterior door used today.

Fiberglass Doors – Wood frame doors with molded fiberglass panels attached to each side of the frame and filled with an injected polyurethane foam core. The fiberglass panels can be smooth or carry a realistic wood-grain texture. When stained, these doors are nearly indistinguishable from a real wood door. Because of their construction, fiberglass doors resist denting, rot, warping, rusting, and are an excellent choice for high traffic and elegant entrances.

Solid Wood – Today’s product options all try to mimic the look of solid wood. Sometimes, there is just nothing like the real thing. Solid wood doors feel sturdy and create a sense of safety upon closing. A well-crafted wooden door is a work of art and says something about you and your sense of style. Made from a variety of woods, these doors are typically made with stile and rail construction and will shrink and expand with the elements, creating some upkeep.

Medium Density Fiber (MDF) – MDF is an engineered wood product made from recycled wood fiber and considered to be environmentally friendly and green. Exterior doors made from MDF have a smoother surface for painting than wood. The designs and architectural styling that can be achieved with MDF are more varied than can be achieved with any other type of material. Made from water-resistant MDF with a special locking system to resist warping. This is a less common entry door option and is typically used to create a specific architectural feature.

When considering any new door, be sure to ask about a rot-resistant frame, sometimes called “frame-saver”, to be sure that your beautiful door will last for years to come.