Types Of Interior Doors

Flush Doors

A flush door is a completely smooth door which is typically a plywood or moulded panel applied over a wood frame. Lauan and Birch doors are the most common example of an interior flush door.

Panel Doors

Raised Panel doors can have either horizontal or vertical panels and are made up of three parts: panels, stiles and rails. True raised panel doors have panels that float within the frame of the door, and are not glued to allow for expansion and contraction of the door panels. The Door Stiles are the two long vertical pieces on each side of the door. The rails are the horizontal and/or vertical pieces in the door that surround the panels and attach to the stiles. One side of the door is attached to the door jamb with hinges. The other side is bored for the door knob or lever, so that it can latch to the jamb when shut.

Today’s panel doors are made from various woods or have their likeness created with molded panel skins. The most common design has 6 panels and creates a traditional look. Various other panel designs and options are available to create that special look for your project.

Louver Doors

A louver door has wooden fins (often called slats or louvers) which permit open ventilation while preserving privacy and preventing the passage of light to the interior. Being relatively weak structures, they are most commonly used for wardrobes and drying rooms, where good ventilation is a priority. These are typically made from wood and available in a variety of species including pine, oak, maple, and others.

French Doors

A French door has rectangular panes of glass extending the full length. A full door unit is usually made up of two panels hung in one frame with both door panels opening outward. They can be configured to have both panels active or one panel active and the other secured to the floor and ceiling by a latch.

French doors are usually used as a way to divide rooms without compromising visibility or the feeling of a large open room. Their ability to allow light to pass through frequently makes them a popular choice for rooms that are traditionally dark. In general, French doors increase the value of a home and make a great addition to any remodeling project.

Bifold Doors

Bifold doors are doors designed to be used for closets, pantries, and as folding doors between rooms. Bifold doors are usually installed in pairs, with two doors folding to one side, or for larger openings, two sets of doors folding to the outside edges. Their multi panel design allows the doors to fold back and out of the way when full closet or pantry access is necessary.

These doors can be made of various woods, molded, or constructed using other materials. They can be paneled, flush or louvered to match the other doors in your home.

Pocket and Sliding Doors

A pocket door is a door that slides in and out of a space hidden within the wall. Pocket doors come either as singles, which slide open and shut from either the left or the right, or double pocket doors, which slide together and meet in the middle from both the right and left sides. The primary reason for installing sliding pocket doors is to save space. These doors can be made of a variety of panels and coordinated with your existing door style.

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