How to Choose A Dock

Curtis Lumber carries a variety of Dock Kits and parts to meet your needs. We have Floating, Roll-In and Stationary Docks Kits, all ready to assemble. Choose from Premium, Aluminum, or Wood Frames and add Resin, Composite or Wood Decking. Proudly Made in the U.S.A., the dock kits are easy to build and designed to last. Here’s how to easily choose the perfect dock for you:

1. Pick Your Frame

Wood – Commercial Hardware
The 4’x10’ Wood Dock kit is made with commercial grade, hot-dipped galvanized, heavy-duty steel components. When combined with 2″ x 6″ lumber, it constructs one of the best DIY wood dock frames available. A great solution for rugged lakeshores and swift running rivers, this dock is designed for heavy use. The Wood Dock can be installed as a Stationary, Roll-In or Floating Dock. 25 Year Warranty.

Wood – Standard Hardware
The Standard Dock kit is a 4′ x 6′ wood frame dock made with powder coated brackets. This economical dock can be built as a Stationary or Roll-In dock. 2 Year Warranty.

The Aluminum Dock is made from a strong tempered alloy and features 12” on center C-channel frame support. Each 4’ x 10’ section is lightweight and easy to maintain. This Ready to Assemble dock allows you to grab & go when combined with the Resin Dock Top. The Aluminum Dock can be installed as a Stationary, Roll-In or Floating Dock. 15 Year Warranty.

The Premium Dock system incorporates leading edge technology to provide you with maximum performance. Each 4’ x 10’ section weighs less than 170 pounds and is made with a heavy-duty aluminum frame and protective resin side walls. Ready to Assemble and conveniently packaged you can have the ultimate dock in just one weekend. The Premium Dock can be installed as Stationary, Roll-In or Floating. Lifetime Warranty.

2. Select Your Support Method

Stationary Dock ideal for long term applications and rocky bottoms. Combine multiple sections for unlimited configurations.

Roll-In Dock for easy installation and removal including smooth or gradually sloping bottoms. Combine multiple sections for unlimited configurations.

Floating Dock self-adjusts with seasonal changes in water levels. Ideal for mud, deep water, and difficult access areas. Combine multiple sections for unlimited configurations.

3. Choose Your Dock Top

Many dock owners select wood decking because of its look and feel. Wood requires more maintenance than composite or resin decking materials. Wood decking requires annual washing and needs to be stained every few years to maintain its look and function.

Composite decking is a lower-maintenance alternative to wood that doesn’t need to be sanded, stained, or refinished. Composite decking will contain some wood fibers and it’s important to keep it clean to prevent decay, mold, and mildew growth.

The Resin Top will not deflect, crack, break or fade. Maintenance free with slip resistant surface.

4. Design Your Dock Shape

The dock kits are modular, and sections can be easily configured to meet any requirement and expanded as your needs change. Straight docks are most common due to their simple design, but you can also create L, T, and F-shaped docks.

5. Accessorize

Curtis Lumber offers a selection of accessories including access ladders, bumpers, cleats, safety caps and replacement parts.

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