Wood Pellet Pre-Season Sale 2021

Curtis Lumber Curran Wood Pellet pre-season sale, $269/Ton through 9/5/21

Plan ahead and stock-up during Curtis Lumber’s pre-season sale on Curran Wood Pellets*

Don’t wait! We all know that winter’s chill is just around the corner – and if there’s one thing the past year has taught us – it’s best to be prepared. Now, through September 5th, Curtis Lumber is selling premium Curran Wood Pellets for $269 a ton! Buy now and avoid potential supply issues later. You’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re prepared and ready for the heating season.

  • 40 lb. bags. 1 ton = 50 bags
  • Heating value average 8,200 BTUs. Ash content less than 1.0% (40WP)
  • Our pellet fuels are Pellet Fuels Institute certified which ensures consistent fuel pellet quality. For more info visit www.pelletheat.org.

*With purchase of 50 bags or more. OFFER VALID UNTIL 9/5/21. Must be paid in full at time of order. Delivery is available. Delivery must be taken by 9/30/21.

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