2022 Open Enrollment Highlights:

Open enrollment will be November 8th– November 26th with all changes effective January 1, 2022.

All full-time employees must complete open enrollment even if no changes are being made.

If you are newly hired and are not eligible for benefits until 2022 you do not need to complete open enrollment.

MVP Health Insurance rates have increased.  2022 weekly Rates:

Medical Copay Plan:

  • Single: $61.44/$52.84 (Wellness)
  • Double: $122.92/$105.71 (Wellness)
  • Family: $159.80/$137.43 (Wellness)

Medical High Deductible Plan w/HSA Single $1500/Double and Family $3,000:

  • Single: $47.18/$38.33 (Wellness)
  • Double: $94.38/$76.68 (Wellness)
  • Family: $122.70/$99.69 (Wellness)

You can contribute to your HSA (Health Savings Account) by payroll deduction per week.  Curtis Lumber will also contribute to your HSA.  Curtis Lumber will contribute 50% of your deductible, single will receive $750.00 and double and family will receive $1500.00.   Curtis will front-load $750.00/$1500.00 on January 1, 2022.

The copays will remain the same on the copay and High Deductible for 2022.  Reminder: The copays are less on the High Deductible Plan.

Get your wellness activities in as soon as you can to get your wellness discount!!

  • Annual Physical
  • 2 elective activities-dental cleaning, eye exam, vaccine, cancer screen, etc.
  • If your spouse is on your medical plan they must also complete activities

Send proof of activities to JFA Wellness wellness@jaegerflynn.com

Dental, Vision, Accident, Specified Disease, and ID Watchdog have no changes and rates have not increased for 2022.

Life Insurance and Disability rates have not changed, but your weekly deduction may increase on January 1st based upon age and income levels.

  • You cannot increase or enroll in Life Insurance or Disability insurance without first filling out a health questionnaire and being approved.

Should I switch to the high deductible plan for 2022?

Curtis Lumber Co. offers a $1,500/$3,000 high deductible plan, which means you pay money out of your pocket prior to the insurance paying your claim.  If you have single coverage that would be $1,500 and double and family coverage would be $3,000.

If you and your family are healthy and do not have high-cost prescriptions, this plan could be for you.  Preventative services are covered in full (annual physical, immunizations, and cancer screenings).

The high deductible plan is paired with an HSA (Health Savings Account) which is used to help pay for medical expenses.  You can choose an amount to contribute via payroll to fund your account for potential medical expenses.  It is imperative that you put money in your HSA to be prepared in case of unexpected medical expenses.

Put the difference in the cost of the copay plan in your HSA, that would be a great start!!  If you are already used to paying that amount each week continue that but the difference is, you are paying yourself and only have to use that money if you have a medical expense.

Single Copay plan-$61.44  Single HD plan- $47.18  Difference- $14.26  Annual HSA Contribution-$741.52

Double Copay plan-$122.92  Double HD plan- $94.38  Difference-$28.54 Annual HSA Contribution-$1484.08

Family Copay plan-$159.80  Family HD plan- $122.70  Difference- $37.10 Annual HSA Contribution-$1962.48

Check out the HSA 101 Video: https://bit.ly/JFAHSA101

Get Started With Open Enrollment 2022

Failure to complete open enrollment will result in a loss of benefits.

To begin open enrollment, login to Kronos between November 8th-26th:  Curtis Lumber Kronos Website

Your username is your first initial last name (i.e. jdoe).  To reset your password, follow the prompts.

Once in Kronos, go to your profile:  My Benefits – Enrollment – Start Open Enrollment

Then, follow the open enrollment wizard, your current benefits will already be selected.  Review, make any necessary changes, and then submit!

For full benefit summaries go to your profile- My Company- Documents

If you have any problems please reach out to Lisa Yorks in HR at x1388 or lisa.yorks@curtislumber.com