Wood Pellet Pre-Season Sale 2022

Buy early and SAVE during Curtis Lumber’s pre-season sale on Curran Wood Pellets*

Here we go again! Energy costs are soaring with no end in sight and supply issues are a constant concern. But don’t worry, Curtis Lumber has you covered! Now, through September 3rd, Curtis Lumber is selling premium Curran Wood Pellets at the pre-season price of $299* per ton!  Buy now and avoid price increases and potential supply issues later. We suggest that if you have space to do so, get your pellets as soon as possible. You’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re prepared and ready for the heating season. Curtis Lumber makes it easy with delivery available. Visit, call a store, or fill out the form below to get your order started!

  • 40 lb. bags. 1 ton = 50 bags
  • Heating value average 8,200 BTUs. Ash content less than 1.0% (40WP)
  • Our pellet fuels are Pellet Fuels Institute certified which ensures consistent fuel pellet quality. For more info visit www.pelletheat.org.

*With purchase of 50 bags or more. OFFER VALID UNTIL 9/3/22. Must be paid in full at time of order and picked up or have immediate delivery arranged by 9/3/22.

Fill out the form with the information and a salesperson will call you to place your order.

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