New Hire

New Hire Benefit Information

Curtis Lumber Co. offers a great benefits package that is available to newly hired employees after the successful completion of 90 days. Voluntary benefits are payroll deducted weekly. Below is a brief synopsis of available benefits, for full benefit summaries login into Kronos and go to: My Company-Documents-Benefit Information.

Please contact Lisa Yorks (Benefits Administrator) with any questions x1388 or

Voluntary Benefits

Medical (Option 1)

Copay Plan: MVP
EPO plan with full medical, hospital, and prescription coverage. Basic vision and dental coverage on a reimbursable plan.

Copay Plan:
Single: $61.44 / $52.84 (Wellness)
Double: $122.92 / $105.71 (Wellness)
Family: $159.80 / $137.43 (Wellness)
(Wellness- Annual Physical and 2 elective activities, eye exam, dental cleaning, vaccine, cancer screening)

Primary Care: $20.00
Specialist: $50.00
Urgent Care: $35.00
Emergency Room: $150.00

Prescription (CVS Caremark)
$10 Generic / $45 Brand / $60 Non-Formulary / $75 Specialty Drugs
Mail Order Pharmacy (90-day supply) for two copays

Medical (Option 2)

High Deductible Plan
Single: $47.18 / $38.33 (Wellness)
Double: $94.38 / $76.68 (Wellness)
Family: $122.70 / $99.69 (Wellness)

Annual Deductible per calendar year:
Individual: $1,500
Double/Family: $3,000
Once deductible is met, you will follow the copay plan structure.

This plan is paired with an HSA (Health Savings account) – HSA’s are used to pay for qualified medical expenses (deductibles, copays, prescriptions, dental and vision). You can contribute to your HSA weekly as well as Curtis Lumber Co. contributes a front loaded prorate amount based on the effective date of your HSA.

Single: Maximum of $750.00
Double/Family: Maximum of $1,500.00



PPO plan with In and Out of Network coverage is available for preventative, basic and major dental work.

$1,000 in coverage per person per year covered under the plan with an annual $50 deductible for basic and major services:
Preventive Care: 90% in-network; 80% out of network
Basic Care: 90% in-network; 80% out of network
Major Care: 50% in-network; 40% out of network

Orthodontia coverage is available for dependents children ($1,000 lifetime max per child)

Weekly Rates:
Single: $6.34
Family: $17.13
Ortho: $19.75


Davis (big box retailers) or VSP (private/smaller offices)

  • Eye Exam available every 12 months with a $20 copay
  • Lenses for glasses or contacts are available every 12 months with a $20 copay; frames are available every 24 months
  • Benefit includes coverage for glasses or contact lenses, not both

Weekly Rates Guardian Davis:
Single: $1.42
Family: $3.06

Weekly Rates Guardian VSP:
Single: $1.85
Family: $3.96

Group Life Insurance


$25,000 life insurance policy at no cost to the employee, employee coverage only

Optional Life Insurance


  • Coverage is available for employee, spouse and children
  • Guarantee issue up to $150,000 for employee, $10,000 for spouse and $10,000 for children
  • A health questionnaire will need to be completed for additional coverage on employee or spouse.

Rates vary depending on age and coverage amount.

Specified Disease


  • Coverage is available for employee, spouse and children
  • A cash benefit for a range of covered serious illnesses including Cancer, Stroke and Heart Attack

Employee: $10,000
Spouse: $5,000
Children: $2,500

Rates vary depending on age and coverage type.

Accident Insurance


  • Coverage is available for employee, spouse and children
  • A cash benefit for covered injuries, treatment and services

Weekly Rates:
Single: $2.85
Double: $4.65
Family: $6.49

Identity Theft Protection

ID Watchdog

  • Coverage is available for employee, spouse and children
  • Identity theft protection- monitors credit reports, social media, transaction records, public records and more

Weekly Rates:
Single: $2.52
Family: $4.36

Short/Long Term Disability


  • Short Term Disability that rolls into Long Term Disability
  • Works in coordination with NYS disability
  • There is a 14-day waiting period, employees become eligible on the 15th day
  • Pre-existing condition clause applies during 1st year of coverage

Rates vary depending on age and coverage amount

Other Employee Benefits

Paid Time Off (PTO)

In your first year of service you will receive PTO on your date hired, it is prorated based on the month you start with a maximum of 90 hours. There after you will receive PTO on January 1st of each year and award is based on years of service. Please employee handbook for additional information.

Month of HireNon- Exempt HoursExempt Hours

Paid Holidays

Curtis Lumber Co. is closed for six major holidays (News Years, Memorial day, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Labor Day and Christmas. You are eligible to receive holiday pay effective immediately, full time- 8 hours Part time- 4 hours.


Curtis Lumber Co. will pay 1 to 3 days of paid leave for arrangements and funeral of immediate family members; the amount of days depends on the relationship to that person. You are eligible to receive this benefit at 90 days of employment.

401k Retirement Savings

Employees will be automatically in enrolled in the 401k plan with a 5% weekly contribution following 90 days. Employees can elect to change the contribution at any time (subject to certain maximums). The contributions will be payroll deducted and invested in an account of their choice or best suited for them.

Employer match is available after1 year of employment (50% of employees contribution up to an employees 5%, maximum match is 2.5%)
Customer Service # 1-800-755-5801

Cash Profit Sharing

Cash profit sharing contributions are based on the Company’s year- end profit and are discretionary. An employee’s portion of the cash profit sharing is based on an employee’s gross earnings and the company’s profitability. You are eligible the first of the month following one year of service.

Employee Discount

  • 10% off retail items
  • Non-stock inventory (special orders) will be priced at 10% above cost

    Eligible at 90 Days of Employment

Uniforms & Safety Shoes

  • Uniforms will be distributed to all yard employees at orientation
  • Uniforms will be distributed to all store employees after 90 days of employment
  • If PPE is required for your position, it will be distributed at orientation

Safety shoe reimbursement is 50% (up to $87.50) immediately and 100% (up to $175) after 90 days of employment. Store employees are eligible for reimbursement one time per year and operation are eligible two times per year.

New Hire Benefit Enrollment

Login to Kronos to complete: Curtis Lumber Kronos Website

Your username is your first intial last name, i.e. jdoe

To reset your password, follow the prompts.

Once in Kronos go to your profile- MY Benefits-Enrollment-Start New Hire Enrollment

For full benefit summaries go to your profile- My Company- Documents

If you have any problems please reach out to Lisa Yorks in HR at x1388 or